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i have lots of dead crocosmia leaves in my garden. I am worried they will stop the spring flowers coming through such as daffodils, crocuses etc. Should I pull the leaves up or will that bring up the bulbs as well? Thanks for your help


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    they usually pull off easily but they won't stop bulbs coming through. In nature nobody goes round removing old leaves but plants continue

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    I find the bulbs often come up if I pull them, so I take them off with a sharp pair of scissors.

  • I tidy mine up with garden scissors as well, I did mine in late autumn and the new growth is showing through now.

  • Normally you leave the top growth on until spring as it provides the corms with an energy source to the sprout new growth and also acts as a frost protection. I leave the top growth on until it comes away easily from the new growth. I agree ,it does look messy, but I beleive in better safe than sorry 

  • Surely this depends on where you live?

    crocosmia grow like weeds so I usually have to dig some out Year on Year to keep in check.

  • Hi Chrissy 

    With all bulbs and corms you normally leave the top foliage untill it dies off just so they get every source of energy they can get. I agree they are a tough plant and where you are located in the uk would have a bearing on this. I live in the midlands and we are expecting a heavy frost tonight so any protection I can give a plant from these condition, I choose to do. Also , my Crocosmia were only purchased in 1 litre pots last spring so they are young plants 

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    I pull the old leaves off in November time when I am tidying up the garden for the winter. I am in Scotland and they frequently get covered in snow or freezing temps for weeks. Tough as old boots they are!!

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    I pull the leaves too, hold in two hands very tightly and give a hard sharp yank,  treat them as you would Alstomeria. Can be hard to pull, but this the way to do it. 

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  • If they're brown then they won't be photo synthesising anymore really so I'd cut them all off just above ground level, and it will look a bit tidier too if that's what you want to help show off your spring bulbs better.

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    I can assure you that the dead leaves will not prevent your crocosmia from coming up. It is for some about tidyness but they can actually provide some protection not just to the corms (not that they need it as they survive quite well with out it) but insects shelter under dead material.

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