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How would you design my garden?

Hello all! 

Ok, so I've been stuck for a really long time now on how to design my garden. 

Here it is currently:


The simple option would be to just add a big border all the way around a lawn, but I think I've got the space for something a little different. The only problem is I have no ideas on how to achieve this. 

One thing I know I would like is a smallish patio area at the top left corner (it gets the sun in the evening)  and currently, I have chickens in the top right-hand corner - but they can be moved.

Here's a plan:


It's a south-facing garden and I would love to encourage some wildlife so open to water features etc. Oh and if anyone could suggest a good way to provide some privacy screening between myself and my neighbour at the end of the garden, it would be much appreciated! 

Thanks in advance :) 


  • I would think in curves, not straight lines. Your patio at the far end would be a good destination for a path that starts and ends near the house. You could wind it round a central planting area, perhaps including a pond, but definitely add a small pretty tree where it would help with your screening.  I envisage a wide grass path, but you could make it of other materials, or add flags or stepping stones depending on the effect you want and the amount of traffic.

    You would  not see all the garden at once, but that makes it more inviting to explore and you could have different planting aeas to suit the amount of sun  or shade, or just to create a different feel. Put some suitable taller planting near the back fence and a pergola or arbour in your patio corner for additional screening. Curve beds around the edges to enhance the shape of your pathway.

    If you want to retain a central lawn, think round or oval and add planting in places around the edges  Now is a good time for planning as you can see the garden's 'bones'. Take some pictures from various viewpoints and try out various ideas to see how it might look, then on a fine day take canes and string and a hosepipe and position them to get a feel of how it might work for you.

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