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My sons just finished his City & Guilds Level 3 diploma in Horticulture, and is currently building his experience by working as an self employed Assistant Gardener for gardening contractor. Under the Head Gardener. The contractor has asked him to be insured.

Looking around the internet for public liability insurance / tradesman's insurance ends with the predictable waisting of many hours getting quotes, only to find that they don't cover for what he needs to be covered for.

He will be using a chainsaw from time to time, and has passed the relevant chainsaw courses. He will be lopping but not felling.

Does anyone have insight into the best insurance policy / company for a Professional Gardener?


  • glasgowdanglasgowdan Posts: 158

    Getting PL insurance is straight forward. What specific problem are you having? What aspect of work can't you get cover for?

  • Glasgodan - For instance, specific 'Prof Gardening Insurance' from Direct Line doesn't cover for use of a Chainsaw. Using a 'go compare' style site to find insurance provides unknown insurance providers with full cover at £1000. Reduced cover without, Tools and Hire Equipment reduces down to about £250. But it is more about finding a recommendation from other Gardeners of a good insurer that understands the Horticulture business, that includes Chainsaw use, and does't cost the earth. As my son is not earning much as he is at the bottom of the ladder.

  • Thanks Mike, I'll pass on your congratulations, and advice.

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    Personally I'd go to the horse's mouth for this - ask his head gardener what s/he recommends. Or the tutors on the course he's just done. 

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    Tailored specific insurance usyally costs a lot more. And as with all insurances, policies are designed to line the pockets of the insurer.

    Have you tried simple business? My renewal just came in at £80, includes chainsaw work and provides 5M PL. 

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