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Weeds growing up between old laid pavers.

My property in tropical nth Qld Australia has paving all around house & most of the suburban block. All the weeds grow up through the pavers consistently especially after tropical rains.

This has created alot of consistent work to keep weeds away.

Is there a filler or something I can do to solve this other than weed killer and manual removal, or the expensive exercise of replacing all the pavers etc.


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    Have you tried pouring boiling water from a kettle on the cracks?

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    Sounds like a large area.  I would use a Karcher or similar pressure washer to clean all loose soil and sand from between the pavers, along with any remaining weeds and then, when completely dry and no rain is expected, brush in a dry cement mix with some added dry sharp sand, sweeping it down into the cracks.

    If there aren't cracks big enough to sweep the mix into I think the only solution will be to have the pavers relaid on a bed of sand and cement that is not friendly to germinating seeds.

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    It does sound as if your slabs need re-grouting to stop evasive weeds persistently coming through. I would remove as much by hand using a hand weeder. Then apply a good weed killer solution using a watering can (I've used Weedol weed killer in the past) Then apply a dry mix ratio of 5 sharp sand to 1 cement. Brush this in to the joints and water in lightly if dry weather persists 

  • PS: Possibly this is the cheapest option before going for a complete take up and relay 

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