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Morning all, we've had the ground under/ between or Apple pear & plum trees on the allotment covered with black plastic for a few months, on checking the other day, we've found most of the weeds have died & can be pulled out ( hurrah!) now we're wondering what to plant, I know lots of veg won't grow , the site is open & gets a fair bit of sun , but obviously the trees create some shade& there are the roots to consider, I know I want to grow roses, species ones for hips to make syrup( big surprise there!) any ideas what else we could grow ? Unusual hedgerow plants would be high on my list like wild garlic, any advice welcome, thanks in advance


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    Get some Bocking 14 comfrey (it clumps up but doesn't self seed) if you have room - use it for making plant food or just cut the leaves a couple of times a year, chop them with a spade and let them rot down to feed the fruit trees. Rhubarb or gooseberries will grow in partial shade.

    If you wanted to make a little patch of forest garden, you'd need a middle storey under the trees, so gooseberries, jostaberry or redcurrant. Or more unusual ones - chaenomeles (flowering quince), mahonia, red elder, either Carolina or California Allspice or Phormium. And then ground cover. Something like walking onions or daffodil garlic along with your wild garlic, maybe. Angelica is a big plant but it does provide good ground cover. Good King Henry or Golden saxifrage, Hostas, sweet cicely (espoecially if you do grow rhubarb - they go very well together in a crumble), sorrels, violets. With a nice clear site you could make something really lovely image

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    thankyou , I really want sweet violets, 

    i may try angelic a, gooseberries are are a good idea too, I bought a baby elder tree as we love elderflower cordial& elderberry syrup, thought I may try lovage& soapworts too, had a good chop back down the  previously impenetrable thicket down one side yesterday by a large evergreen unknown shrub & discovered another lovely little pond! Lots of picking up of cut offs to do next visit!

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