Wisteria brown leaf tips terminal end of vine?

Hi, my wisteria is mostly healthy and producing new shoots, however the leaves on the terminal leading shoot that I'm hoping will produce shoots are pale in colour with brown tips. Rest of plant is lush and green. Any ideas?? 

Thanks bec ???? 


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    Any chance you could post a photo of this? Doesn't sound like any issue other than a push for growth in warmer temperatures and sometimes leaves are not green until they mature more. Brown tips can sometimes indicate cold drying winds affecting young shoots, but again, all part of growing conditions.

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    Many thanks for your reply. Ive attached these two pics - we are about 6 weeks into summer and the leaves are from the first flush after flowering - so are mature. We haven't had any cold winds....and the rest of the plant is really green and happy. Its only this part of the vine that is pale  - it also seems to be the least active growing part of the plant (of course its the bit where I need more shoots lol!)......??


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    ANd here is a (terrible) picture of the whole vine - circle on left contains pale terminal end, circle on right contains healthy part.

    thanks image

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    Whereabouts are you? Could your wisteria be suffering from drought?

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    South-west Western Australia. Yes - it could be that it needs watering....I was just a little nervous as I had read similar symptoms to be the result of too much water or too much fertiliser (salt)....

    Its certainly dried off a bit here - and perhaps the fact that the worst parts are at the extremities of the plant (and the main part is actively putting out new shoots) might mean the water isn't getting as far??

    Ill try bumping up its watering regime!

    thanks :)


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