Pruning Red Robin tree

I have a red robin which has got out of control, probably 20 feet high. When should I prune and by how much? Thanks


  • pbffpbff Posts: 382

    Take a look at

    This should give you a good idea.

  • Normally prune a red robin shrub in March or early spring as this stimulates new growth. As it 20 ft, I would attempt to reduce its height now so that high winds do not break its branches. They are tought shrubs and normally take a good prune quite well without any major problems 

  • madpenguinmadpenguin Isle of WightPosts: 734

    In the autumn of 2016 I had to get rid of mine as it kept encroaching onto the road.

    I cut it back to almost ground level as it could not be dug out.

    For the whole of 2017 it kept sending out new shoots and I took all these off regularly and it's still not dead yet!!!

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