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Confused over boggy lawn

We recently moved into a new build house with a medium size lawn. The lawn has a slight fall on it towards the house, and there is a soakaway roughly half way between the fence line and the house.

The high point of the lawn next to the fence is very boggy and I can see standing water in the gap underneath the wooden fence. Strangely the lowest part of the lawn is dry and not boggy at all. We've lifted the lid on the soakway and this appears to be almost empty (2m deep and only a small depth of water in it). Any ideas what could be causing the boggy part of the lawn? seems so strange with it being at the high point only! image


  • Maybe the chanel of the soak away is blocked and the water is not making its way down .

  • Maybe theres lots of hardcore/rubble/ heavy compaction caused by the building of the property?

  • Yes perhaps that's it. Strange though as the ground seems a lot better nearer to the house where I thought there'd have been more building traffic.Perhaps the back area was a bit of a dumping ground and there's a lot of underlying rubble.

    The lawn isn't drained by the soakaway but i'm thinking the next step will be to make holes using the fork and add sand. Want to try and avoid having to take it up to put in "hard" drainage if I can avoid it.

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