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Itching to get out there!

Happy New Year Forummers!

Anyone else itching to get out in the garden already??  These sunny periods we are getting at the moment are lulling me into thinking it’s good garden tidy up weather but I bet it’s freezing out there and I’d soon regret it.

I’ve been a bit out of it for the last couple of months with gall bladder problems making me feel really yuk and haven’t done any gardening since the summer really. I didn’t even get chance to “put the garden to bed” for the winter and the poor thing is in need of a good tidy up. Now I’ve had my operation, I’ve still been laid up for a good few weeks and each time I look out of the window, I can hear the secateurs calling!  

So time for some inspiration!  Anyone else got any big garden plans for this year?  Anyone having a complete makeover?  We plan to sort out the bottom bed and plant some taller shrubs etc for privacy - we have 6ft fences but at this time of year it’s bare and open. The council also took down some of the lower branches when they were doing road works (might I say, without our permission or with any kind of nod to the TPO in force grrr). So, any suggestions on tall busy shrubs would be appreciated.   They’d be growing in between sycamores so quite shady.  Just want to have a tall barrier there. We have 10ft or so Leylandi both sides so it makes the bottom boundary seem even worse.  Look forward to any suggestions!

Thanks and happy new gardening year to everyone!


  • I’m exactly the same, all my preparation last year for this year and it’s been miserable. I caved in today and was out there in the brief gap between the heavy rain stopping and the heavy wind starting.

     Big garden projects in the near future coming up. Several tonnes of rocks (free) need to be picked up for a rock garden, and about 3 tonnes of soil and a load of railway sleepers need saving up for. 

  • SussexsunSussexsun Posts: 1,444

    My fences are being replaced in February and once that is done I have quite a bit of cutting back of the bushes along it. I also need to get a couple of low walls built as the back beds at the moment have rocks o retain the soil. I want to enlarge them and build them up a bit taller than they are.

    the cherry tree needs looking at as it is getting old and is dropping quite a bit of dead wood. I don’t want to lose it and hopefully some careful chopping will sort it out.

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  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    No major work to be done.

    I simply want to have some dry weather to be able to get out into the garden 

    Patio to be power washed and pots of spring bulbs to be put in position for a welcome burst of colour in the near future.

    SW Scotland
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,434

    I'm looking forward to planting a new border in the front garden. It's 39' long, 10' wide at the street end, tapering to 6' at the house end.  I've been using it as a veg plot, but last year I built raised beds for the veg on a useless expanse of concrete in the back garden, freeing up the front for pretties.  I'm going to grow some fruit trees against the south-facing boundary, and some asparagus at the back of the border.  Already in the border are an elder, which I pruned in the autumn, and a beech tree.  The area under the beech will be a woodland glade, I've planted bluebells, wood anemones and fritillaria meleagris, which should be showing any day now.  I've got lots of plants in pots ready to go in and £100 of Christmas present to buy more.  I'm thinking of a rainbow of flowers:. Red at the street end, then oranges and yellows, then the woodland glade which will be mostly green, ferns and ivy, and the end bit beside the house will be blues and purples.  There are already two lovely big fuchsia bushes there.

  • Wow, lots of plans afoot!  Would be interested Sussexsun as to what bushes you have growing along your fence. That’s exactly what we want to do to get more privacy; brining the plants we have in there currently forward as they all grow at a snails pace due to the lack of light/water (who’d have though it ?). Some huge laurels or something I’m thinking to block nosey Parker over the way being able to see us while we are sat enjoying a glass of vino!

    josusa47 that’s some bed you’re making there!  Sounds like it will be lovely with what you have planned. Sounds very similar to ours. We have a large bed blocking off the view of the road with two Ash, silver birch, Roman, red robin all fairly established. as we have so many trees, we tend to keep it very natural and we have log piles etc to attract the plentiful wildlife. It’s certainly not a manicured garden!  We have a pond also in the back so we get LOTS of frogs which I love to hear them all calling and returning ‘home‘ for the season. We adopted 5 hedgehogs a while back also so they pop in now and then to say hello, eat the cats dinner and then shuffle off again  

    Learnincurve, I’m sure the work you did last year will pay dividends this year.  I’ve found sometimes that things are happy to be left alone.  I’m not much of a rigorous pruner and I tend to let things take their natural course.

    Going to go to a local nursery that specialise in hedging and larger shrubs and see what they have or can recommend. We are very lucky to have lots of lots of garden centres and nurseries by us (on the Wirral) so plenty to choose from!  Looking forward to the gardening year now, thanks everyone!

  • imageimagePic of one side of the back where you can see the fences where I want the shrubs (canopy has been lifted due to the council chopping off branches) plus one of the front bed in the snow looking a bit bare!

  • SussexsunSussexsun Posts: 1,444

    Jasmine I will pop out and take a couple of pictures when the rain stops.

    it is the shady side of my garden and all the bushes grow under a canary of oak trees that are in the bridle path the other side of my fence.

    To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.

  • WaysideWayside Posts: 800

    In Sussex it's been rain stopping and starting for weeks.  But over the last few days have had some sun.  Buds look to be opening, and the daffodils are up.  I could have almost convinced myself today that winter is over and summer is on its way.  Both I and garden are fooled.

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  • Same in Somerset,  not only is the ground very wet but it is very cold with a biting wind to boot!

  • So I was all set to go out and rake up some leaves this morning when the heavens opened (tut).

    I think I have decided on Griselinia for along the fence line and saw a rather nice Quercus Ilex for the larger gap.

    thanks For the replies everyone and happy gardening!

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