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Photinia red robin tree

I have a tree which due to heavy snow fall it has had quite a few branches break.  I had given it a good umbrella shape late last year... Obviously it worked as caught all the snow haha. Am wondering how far I can cut it back and if I do whether new growth will come out to create a new head so to speak. I'd like to cut it right back as want to keep a good rounded shape. 


  • Hi 

    Photinia is a shrub that does grow to a very large size! but is all a very tought shrub. As yours has been damaged by snowfall, I would remove the damaged branches up to a outward bud on the branch. You can do this now. They will take a complete cut back to the ground but this will effect foilage and flowering from spring and obviously you will loose the original shape you want. Normally, pruning would be carried out in sping with cutting back branches by 6" to a bud. This will invigorate the shrub to produce new folliage without loosing all of the original shape you want. You should also remove any deceased or damaged breaches and any branches that are touching each other. Also remove a few branches from the middle of the shrub to allow more light to that area. 

  • Thanks Steve... Tough one as it's quite ornate so I want to try and get it to a nice shape. As you say, yes I can cut it right back but this will take away foliage for the coming year. Question is, how far can I cut back. See pic.. and second one is how it has effected the shape!!


  • Hi 

    To achieve the original shape and viewing the 2nd photo, I would suggest trimming the right hand side and top of the shrub to achieve the shape you require. This will reduce its shape but will prevent any further damage by excessive snow fall. As its a vigorous grower in spring it will then grow out and then you can then trim it back to its original shape.

  • Hmm, in around the edges and down from the top. The broken branches I will probably take back to their base... Or near enough. It's not going to look pretty for a while but as you say, spring should change that. 

  • Hi

    It will grow out approximate 30 to 40cm in a season so it will soon fill out. The main thing is reducing any  possible further damage due to snow

    It looks a very healthy shrub so it should sping back 

  • Thanks. I'll post a pic once done.

    Its for a client you see, so was ummin and aahhin as whether to do now or leave till spring. Now is probably best as I had thought. 

    Thanks for your help and advise. 

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