Bareroot shrubs and trees

Ive just had a delivery of bareroot shrubs and trees, 30 items all told but i havent got time until sat to plant them. Can i leave them for two days in packaging as they are? Or should i give them a spray of water? 


  • SlumSlum Posts: 158

    They'll be fine sat in their packaging for a few days - I've done it in the past. Put them in an unheated garage or somewhere sheltered. 

  • Ive put them in the shed nice cool and shady in there. First time planting bareroots so should be fun! Thanks for the reply 

  • gardenning grannygardenning granny Posts: 775

    I've just received four trees and I've put them in large buckets covered with soil in the greenhouse.  So long as they don't dry out they should be OK.  The nursery suggests heeling them in at an angle if you can't get them in their proper positi0ns straight away.

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