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Leggy freesias....

I got some freesia bullbs & it said to plant before Christmas so I varied my planting....some in pots outside, some in flower bed and some indoors in pots. Unsure if ones outside have done any yet but some of the ones indoors have grown.....rapidly! the earliest sproutingvones are about 10" tall.....but they've flopp over. Unsure what to do. I feel they've gone too fast!! 

They're all in a tub together, grit on top. Minimal water. In back room, not particularly sunny or bright, max temp 17degrees. 

i'm desperate to grow some freesias & was really chuffed they started to grow. Now I'm worried I've b*ggered it up again!


  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    Hi Pinkheart.  It sounds like too much warmth, not enough light to me.

    The temperature indoors has probably fooled them into thinking it's growing season and they've raced away without the benefit of adequate light levels.  Could you move them to a brighter spot?

    I tried growing freesias a couple of years ago, but planted them outdoors, in Spring, after the frosts have passed.  They don't survive over winter here in the NW, I treated them as annuals for a splash of summer colour.

  • Cheers, Kitty 2! Sadly all the window ledges have radiators below them....&'even though we never have it higher than 17degrees, it's probably too much!! I'll see if I can fit them on the bathroom window's south facing!!

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