When to start and what plants for partial shade hanging baskets

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Hi Everyone,

I have a wall that gets sunlight for a maybe 3 hours on one half and 5 hours on the other half then by 14:00 there is no direct light.

I want to line the wall with hanging baskets which but I want all the baskets to appear the same.

What plants would still perform well in partial shade and when would you plant up the baskets?


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    Where are you?  How cold does it get?  How big will the baskets be?

    Do you want baskets all year round or just late spring, summer and early autumn?

    The Vendée, France
  • KweeglyKweegly Posts: 76

    Opps sorry,

    Manchester, large baskets and the wall is on an outbuilding at the bottom of the garden so won't be near the warm house overnight.

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    You forgot season.

    For year round interest, ivy is good and will trail and provide a foil for other plants.  It comes in plain green and cream or gold variegated forms.   For colour, try trailing fuchsias but these will need to be sheltered from frosts over winter.   Heucheras will provide good foliage in a range of colours from lime green through marmalade and strong reds and purples.  Tiarellas like more shade but have good marked foliage.   

    Hachonechloa grasses will provide golden foliage and movement in the breeze but die down in autumn.  There are also half hardy plants like bacopa that trail and coleus, if you want less subtle foliage colour.   You can use winter pansies and violas which will flower, if dead-headed regularly, thru the milder bits of winter.

    If you don't mind your plants looking a bit plasticky, begonias and New Guinea impatiens will do well in baskets in partial shade.

    You do realise that even in shade, hanging baskets need daily watering in summer and regular feeding to keep the plants looking good as their food supply will be limited by sharing a relatively small amount of compost between all the plants.

    The Vendée, France
  • KweeglyKweegly Posts: 76

    Sorry for the late reply, been super busy.

    I would be looking spring - summer for the seasons as I usually take all my baskets down in winter. I like the look of some of the plants you mentioned. I have a watering system setup to water the baskets etc.

    Thanks for the information.

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