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Hi there all, I have a large rose bush in my front garden which I believe to be a floribunda with clusters of pink flowers which start flowering early summer and are still in full flow now and loads of buds about to flower still. It is in desperate need of a prune and shape up but I cannot see how I can do this without removing every flowering bud in sight. Would it be prudent now to just go ahead and prune all over and shape up for the coming season? thanks for your advice.


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    You must have your own personal micro-climate! Apparently there are some roses that can flower at this time of the year but the vast majority don't. You might have buds, but the flowers would not form properly in most cases and usually look sad and droopy, stems leggy with little or no leaves so the other all effect would be awful. I would prune it now and there is no better time than the presentimage

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    I would prune in March, myself, unless you are afraid it will be affected by strong winds, in which case I would take off about a third of the height now and do a full prune in March.

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    Many thanks for your advice. I think I will prune in March, that will give the developing buds a chance as I can see the pink roses inside already. We do indeed, live in a mild spot in Norfolk and the garden is reasonably well sheltered; our prevailing wind in from the West and although strong, tends not to be so cold.

    Regards all and a happy New Year to you.

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