I planted a climbing honeysuckle last May on a north fence. It did very well initially, but I read that honeysuckle roots dislike getting too hot, therefore I piled pebbles over its root area. It did ok for a few weeks although it didn't grow much over my trellis. Then all the leaves fell in August and it looked as if I was losing it. I decided to leave it to see. It has some buds on it now in January. Does this mean that it may revive this year, in its second year. I would love to have it cover my trellis. What else could I do to help my honeysuckle thrive? Any advice?


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 1,554

    If you planted it last May , was it getting enough moisture throughout the summer ?

     Leaves dropping in August indicate maybe too dry .

    When I plant new shrubs/trees etc. , I make sure they're permanently moist (daily waterings), until established .

    They can be greedy for plant food also (low-nitrogen) image, during the growing period .

  • Jayne JohnsonJayne Johnson Posts: 10

    Thank you. 

  • M FentM Fent Posts: 162

    I dont think climbing Honeysuckle are evergreen so normal for it to lose its leaves in Autumn. Mine is bare now but has tiny little buds ready to burst to life in Spring ?

  • Jayne JohnsonJayne Johnson Posts: 10

    Sounds promising. Thank you so much.

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