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Anti frost or single/double burners!??

Hi, hoping someone can please advise.

We have a new 4x8 lean to greenhouse, against the garage. We live in Newcastle and the greenhouse gets the sun mid day until late afternoon in summer months.

Due to its size, should I be thinking about a compact anti frost burner or a more traditional single tower burner? 

We don't want to use electric. We have solar panels to generate during the day butt electricity is expensive when we would be using it? you just put on for a few hours on cold evenings? 

Thanks, novice here!


  • It depends a lot on what you are trying to achieve. If you just want frost free background heat then Bubble wrap inside & a low power single should be plenty enough, at night and on very cold dull days. If you want "stove house" temperatures then you will need the higher power on all the time. What plants are you trying to keep?

    AB Still learning

  • Thanks Iain. It be toms, chillis, courgettes etc initially. 

  • You can get electric tubular heaters that only use 60 or 100 watts -same as a light bulb. Or  you can get electric fan heaters that have a "frost" setting. I only suggest these as in the past I have used paraffin & gas heaters & they have a habit of running out of fuel on the frostiest nights just when you need them. Also have you seen the price of paraffin lately it's not a cheap option. Paraffin & gas also generate a lot of moisture & humidity. For starting of the seeds you suggest how about an electric propagator instead of trying to heat the whole greenhouse. That is what I am doing this year, I have added another tier to mine to give more height so I can overwinter some small plants as well as starting seeds. 

    More to think about sorry! 

    AB Still learning

  • What I usually do is put a four tier mini greenhouse with the plastic cover in my 6 x 5 greenhouse and I put the paraffin heater in the four tier  mini greenhouse this saves you heating up all the main greenhouse works ok , this year trying something different going to bubble wrap main greenhouse with gas heater and keep all seed and seedlings in the 4 tier mini greenhouses doing this way as I have a lot of seedlings so have a few mini greenhouses in use , also picked a gas bottle and heater at car boot last summer , I don't use greenhouse till mid February for starting of my seeds so will not work out to expensive , and I believe the spent fumes of the heater are benefiting for the plants .

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