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Scrubby ol' Monarda Squaw

Hey very first post, so go easy!

I planted two kinds of Monarda two years ago, one of them was Squaw. Apart from powdery mildew, they were great - tall elegant stems and lots of flowers.

That winter they died back as expected, butI noticed that small, scrubby foliage persisted. I presumed this would spring back into the same tall growth as the previous spring. It didn't. It remained fairly scrubby and didn't get much more than a foot and a half tall.

Can anyone suggest why? I had just put in an irrigation system prior the second spring - I wondered if too much water may have caused it. For the first year I had bought lots of organic compost and turned it into the soil, but not for the second year. Could it be a fertiliser thing?


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,452

    Where about's in the country are you Graham ? Did you have a period of drought ? and what sort of soil are you gardening on?

  • I’m in brixton, central London. Soil seems pretty loamy. It’s planted next to a west facing wall. Waddya reckon?

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,840

    The RHS reckons Squaw likes soil that doesn't dry out in summer but doesn't want to be sodden either.  Try giving yours a good mulch of organic material - well rotted garden compost or some multi-purpose compost - this spring.  This will enrich the soil and nutrients and help retain moisture in the soil.

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  • It's a bit of a balance trick with Monadra plants as they do not like soil condition wet or dry. But as Obelixx as stated, ensure you enrich your soil with compost but I also throw some grit in the mixture to ensure a level of drainage and reduce any waterlogging 

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