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Joy90Joy90 Posts: 35

What house plants do you have? Here are some of mine several are over 10years old.imageimageimageThe ones near the woodburner seem to thrive as long as I mist spray every couple of weeks. 

We also have cacti imageimage I can’t seem to turn my first picture the right way up!


  • Joy90Joy90 Posts: 35

    Thank you Philippa what house plants do you have? I also have amaryllis and an orchid in my bathroom!

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,558

    I have a ficus benjamina and a multi stemmed ficus elastica I brought home from the office in the late 80s so over 40 years old now.  They had belonged to a colleague who died of cancer.  I have an asparagus fern and a syngonium podophylum which are both in their 20s and a Christmas cactus in its late teens.   

    More recent acquisitions are a hibiscus sinensis with gorgeous rich gold flowers that was given me as a teeny cutting 5 years ago and 4 orchids which were gifts and an aloe vera I bought for when I burn myself in the kitchen.   Needless to say I haven't burned myself since I got it.   


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