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Wind Damaged Seedlings

I sowed my peas about less than 2 months ago to overwinter in my greenhouse. They have been growing nice and steadily. Today we had really bad wind and the the wind managed to get underneath my greenhouse and knock the whole thing sideways and the shelving inside over. All my plants fell on floor and seedlings too.

Everything was fine except my pea seedlings which all fell out of their pots. I tried to put them back in best I could without damaging their roots and will top of with more compost.

Do you think they will be ok to continue growing and should I expect to have to sow more? 


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  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 7,079

    They won't germinate in cold soil. If you do sow more either wait til the weather is warmer - or start them on a windowsill in a cool room and move them out when they are growing well.

    Personally I'd wait. As long as the stems aren't too badly bent, the first batch will probably be fine. If you wait to sow more in Feb or March, you'll know how many (if any) you've lost.

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  • Thanks for all the advice. They did not really get damaged I do not think. The stems of the peas were only like 1 inch tall and just got knocked out of the soil. They had pretty good roots.

    I will wait till jan-feb to see if they recover and grow more otherwise I will sow more.

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