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Winter Pots

Hello All,

I have a couple of nice black glazed pots about 16 inches diameter and 12 inches deep. I bought a couple of small skimmia yesterday, one each of 'rubella' and 'obsession', along with some ericaceous compost. There's quite a bit of room left in each pot though, so I was hoping to get a few ideas  on what might look nice with them and not mind the acidic soil. Any pictures of your own winter Pots or plant combinations you've tried yourselves would be great. Thanks for the advice everyone.



  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,504

    If the the skimmia are in the pots temperately I wont worry to much what goes in with them. If it bothers you instead of filling the pot all the way to the top leave a few few inch and fill it up with multipurpose compost. Pansy's - Bellis - Carex - cyclamen - Ivy - Viola - Heuchera - Forget me nots - promrose - polyanthus - Bulbs If you can still find any for sale.

    For a more permanent pot - Heather's - Gaultheria procumbens will survive in acid conditions. I change my pots to summer so I go with the winter bedding plants personally.

    I always use a mix John inns soil base compost and multipurpose / ericaceous  compost for permanent pots. You will need to provide ericaceous feed and water only with rain water.

  • Thanks for that. I think I'll go with the white cyclamen , a heucherra and maybe a hellebore , one of the dark reds like 'Anna's Red' or one of the smoky black varieties, even though I've never seen one in the flesh so to speak, only in photos !. I'll try online.

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