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Parkside blower

My electric Parkside blower/vac has developed a fault where it will only work if laid on its side. As if there is a tilt switch that is operating in reverse. There seems to be a slight suction at the same time as set to blow.

I have not looked inside yet.


  • Many thanks,  I will investigate soon. When laid on its side it seems to be working OK, but when turned to the normal position while running it switches off.   Maybe a loose connection?

      It had been cutting out occasionally during use and would recover after laying it on its side, and would then run for quite a while until cutting out again.

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,975

    Loose connection or a solder joint failed would seem to be the most likely cause if it works when laid on its side.

  • FlyfiferFlyfifer Posts: 167

    on the vac/blower that I have the suction tube operates a safety switch where it fits into the fan housing check to see if the suction tube on your machine is fitted tightly in the fan housing as yours may also have a switch there. This feature is designed to stop anyone getting their hands damage by a rotating fan when the tube is not on the machine.

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  • That seems to be the problem.  The suction tube was flexing so as to not always turn the safety micro switch on.  I have reinforced the tube local to the switch and I think this will overcome the problem. 

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