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snowcapped laurels

Hi. The recent snows have flattened my laurel hedge causing them to split at the base.

Will they survive?

How do I stop them becoming diseased?



  • you might have to cut the damaged sections away (depends on how bad the break is and its location), a clean cut with a saw is less likely to get infected than a break.

    on the plus side laurels pretty hard to kill, you could stump it and it'll regrow so in the long run the damage isn't major.

    its also the reason most people give their trees/shrubs/hedges a little shake if you get snow, to stop just this sort of  thing happening

  • Hi TH,

    Thanks for that.

    The break is at the foot of the plants. They now look like fists that have opened up. This has pulled some of the root out of the ground. Should I refill the holes and maybe the splits with earth or just leave it?   

  • it might be worthwhile removing one side of the break if you can, if you leave a V shape it can collect water and be damaged by frost (or just rot) so you might need to pick the smaller of the broken sides are remove entirely.

  • Thanks again,

    I'll have a go today. Is there anything I can paint on?

  • i wouldn't bother, if they're going to get a fungal or bacterial infection it will already be in there by now.

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