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Like Faded Wash Jeans

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My lupin flowered beautifully and uninterruptedly for 4 months (don't even know how many flower stalks there were!). It was grown from cheap local seed, and as you can see the plant was very healthy. Anyway, the blooms were a very faded blue instead of the more intense colour I was expecting. I may have added lime to the soil where it grew, but that must have been a long time ago, and even if I did, the plant would have suffered, wouldn't it? Another lupin flowered close to him, and the colour was also faded (this time it was pink). Spring was not warm here, and it didn't rain much. Does anybody have an idea why the flowers were so faded? Thank you.




  • The seeds were probably a hybrid mix and many colours in some of those mixes are a bit washed out.  I often find the weaker coloured ones are stronger growers than the more vivid ones, somewhat annoyingly!  You can get sometimes get more specific strains in seed but best to buy plants if you want them all a specific colour - and you can split them, of course. image

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  • Those look more like some of the Lupin species rather than the Russell Hybrid type Lupins that are more often seen in gardens. 

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  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553

    I suspected so, dovefromabove. Recently bought a packet of Avalune lupin seeds, I'll see if they behave differently! Anyway, lupin plants are not common where I live, so I will just try to use more selective seed....

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