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I am looking forward to watching Judi Dench's programme regarding her trees, and how she likes to plant one in memory of a loved one no longer alive.

I am planning on planting 3 in memory of dear ladies who have passed away this year, an aunt, cousin and dear friend. We are also planting two in memory of our families later next year.

Has anyone else planted trees in memory of loved ones. Could you share your stories perhaps with pictures of the trees, and how you have tagged them (if at all)?  I am particularly interested in trees, although I know some people plant roses or other smaller plants.



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    Good idea.  I have had to leave trees and shrubs and roses behind that were gifts or cuttings from friends.   I took cuttings where I could.   I understand that my beautiful garden has completely run away from the new owners so my treasures won't be getting their usual care and may well be cut down or grassed over to make life simpler.

    Woodland Trust plantings would be safer as a memorial.

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  • Unfortunately I missed the Judi Dench programme this evening, but I hope to watch tomorrow instead.

    When my father was born in 1921 12 pine trees (we still haven't been able to decide which type) were planted in our driveway by my Grandfather.  They have grown very tall and the first one fell the year after my father died 15 years ago, so they lasted throughout his life time.  We now have just 4 left because others died or had to be felled for safety reasons. I appreciate that not everyone has a garden that is large enough to allow trees to grow, so perhaps a potted rose or something similar would be more suitable. image I am pleased that you enjoyed the programme Mike, it makes a nice change to see something interesting and worthwhile rather than the usual Christmas rubbish on t.v.

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    That was one of the most wonderful hour of TV I've watched in a very long time.

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    8pm bbc1 last night. Don't miss it. It was wonderful. 

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    get yourself a nice glass of something, or a nice cuppa and watch it, uninterrupted. 

    I'm a Huuuuuuuuuuuge fan of Judi Dench so I have to confess to bias.

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    I lived in a house which had an oak in the garden which measured 43feet in circumference. The house was listed in the Doomsday book but I've no idea how old the tree was.

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    no idea if this link will work.

    Seems to. This is the tree.

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  • What a tree Hostafan, the shape is fascinating with huge character, once seen never forgotten.  You were lucky to have that growing in your garden.

    Thanks Philippa, we are very proud of these trees, even though we can never get a good night's sleep when we have a storm - always concerned one will fall into the road and do some damage. They don't attract very much wildlife, although I did see a treecreeper climbing up a trunk once and the collared doves often lay one or two eggs in precarious nests in the trees - we usually find smashed eggs in the driveway before they have hatched. Very sad.

    I am looking forward to watching the programme tonight and then I will be hunting for someone/company to print some metal labels for me - can't seem to find anyone here.

  • I agree great programme. 

    Hosta using the formula as they did of 1 inch per year that would make "your" Oak 516 years old if my maths is right.

    AB Still learning

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