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A pond or rock pool

I have a 55xlitre pre cast garden pond that I was going to sink into the garden to attract appropriate wildlife. However, I was also wondering about laying a dry riverbed and a rocky area at the end in a slight hollow rather than a full pond. The area follows a natural soggy line which would lend itself to the dry riverbed (I think) but has anyone got a view on the small pond or rocks. I'm thinking less of the pond due to a large number of falling leaves each year which do cover the area, even though I brush them up regularly. Opinions would be very welcome


  • if you have a precast pond i'd use it as a pond, you can still run the dry riverbed to the pond and build up a beach effect at one end but a pond is more helpful to wildlife.

  • Thank you "Treehugger" that sounds like a good plan

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