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Soggy lawn

hi I have inherited a slanting lawn( towards the property. When it rains the rain does not drain away, it just collects in pools on the lawn. I can’t walk on it or let my dogs out on it as it becomes a mud bath. Any ideas ?

thank you 



  • Hi

    Some on here will say you need to dig up and lay a land drain to remove the excess rainwater. Imo, I would attempt some lawm maintenace in early spring. You need to create drainage holes mainly in the worst areas where flooding occurs. This can be done with a garden fork or a hollow tine fork (a fork with hollow prongs that, when pushed in the ground, create cylindrical holes. You would then sweep in fine horticultural sand/grit mixed with sieved top soil in to the holes to create permanent drainage holes so to drain any excess water. I would try this method, even if you just fork over the area, before condidering the expense of land drains 

  • Hi Jan,

    I have a lawn which sound very like your own. A garden on a slope (though away from the property, not to it like yours) we have been here for six years now and each year the rain fall appears to be getting worse. The reply above is a great initial step and if it works, you've cracked it. You may need to be patient and over two or three years you will gradually see an improvement.

    We tried this, and our neighbours have resorted to putting in land drains as it's so bad. The problem is that the soil and subsoil is sodden and even with sand or grit added, the water still has nowhere to run to.

    Consider if planting can help you. There are many plants that love damp conditions and will actively suck up the water and in time begin to dry out you lawn. Again, this is not a quick fix as any plant would need to establish themselves before contributing meaningfully to removing the moisture. You could also consider laying a dry riverbed, that allows the water to run to a given point when its very wet and dry out when the rains have stopped for a while.

    I would suggest that you consider rainfall in your area, before taking any steps. With climate change, I think we are due for far more and in turn this will affect how and what we garden. Even Monty Don has a damp garden and flooded areas each year. Try and work with the water and create something special to accommodate it.  

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    If water collects in small pools, it's very likely areas are uneven in the lawn. By levelling the surface in the warmer months next year, along with spiking and top dressing twice next year (Spring and autumn), it might be enough to let excess water run down quicker rather than sit in puddles. Most lawns are soggy at this time of year. There's not much you can do right now.

    Marcs Dad's suggestion of planting suitable plants/shrubs that enjoy damp soils will also help and draw out some moisture in the soil. Definitely worth trying.

  • With the garden sloping towards your house I would see about getting a french drain near your house draining into you household drains, this at least will mean in heavy rain your house doesn't get flooded.

    in future you can then link a land drain system to this french drain if needed.

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