There were seven kites circling over the house yesterday.  I can see them circling a short distance away today too. They love muck-spreading time.


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    They're spreading our way now, I love to see them

  • Lucky you WO  - haven't seen one for a long time.  Happy watchingimage

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    Hope to see a few next week, we're off to the Brecons for Xmas. We do get the occasional sighting here in Kent and they're definitely spreading closerimage.

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    I have never seen one, though of course we see lots of buzzards - once a rare treat. A kite has been spotted on the Isle of Wight, but not down my end. Must be a wonderful experience.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,819

    We've seen quite a few  Red Kites when visiting South Lincs and now we're beginning to see them in North Norfolk ... beautiful birds image

    Lots of buzzards around here too ... we see them wheeling in the sky over our garden, although we're on the edge of a city ... and of course, Norwich has its breeding pair of Peregrine falcons at the cathedral image

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    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    I see loads of Buzzards as well Posy,mostly catching the thermals over Newport before they head off to the countryside.I saw a Kite on Mottistone Down (I.O.W.) about 2 years ago! Couldn't believe it. My sister lives in the Chilterns where Kites are an everyday sight so to see one down here was great.

    “Every day is ordinary, until it isn't.” - Bernard Cornwell-Death of Kings
  • I've seen them in Wales and over Didcot shopping centre (kind of weird!) and just a couple of times here. One flew right overhead across the dam as we were standing by the pond. Could hardly believe it but  those angled wings and the size make them unmistakeable. Really exciting and hope they will become more frequent visitors.

    We can see well into Wales from the top of our hill, and we can also see the Dee estuary if the tide is in and the light is right to glint on the water.

    We have had another visitor during this last bout of snow, there has been a stonechat hanging about when I've been feeding the sheep. They are supposed to be mainly coastal birds, but the terrain is right and it is clearly not too far from the sea for them. No distance for a kite to travel from Wales then!

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,819

    Red kites used to be very common in town centres    "...  in medieval times, it fed in the streets of London (where it was given special protection for its useful role in cleansing the streets)." 


    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    Around 20 or so feed around here, maybe more, many people feed them. 

  • Love Red Kites and I've seen plenty around my town and outlying villages. But frustratingly I continue to fail to see them from my garden.  So frustrating when a neighbour says "There was a Kite over your garden again today". I was probably picking my nose and looking the other way!  Grrrrrr!

  • CCompost imageimage

    I was going to suggest you restrict the nose picking to the night time but then again if you are watching out for HHogs or other night creatures, it won't be much helpimage

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    I love to watch the red kites - they're such majestic birds!

    We're fortunate to have them.

    scroggin - hope you enjoy your Christmas hols. You'll only be a stone's throw away from me. Just be careful on the roads - there's plenty of black ice and the snow is still lingering on in some places.

    Philippa - your sense of humour is brilliant. Never fails to make me smile. image

  • High Wycombe is an absolute hotspot for RKs. More common than sparrows it would seem

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    Thanks pbff, we're hoping for at least one clear day so that we can get a view from the top of Pen y Fan. We've been up it in all weather and it's always been clagged in at the topimage.

  • Unfortunately I can't claim a Red Kite here but was out in the garden a few minutes ago and the Sparrowhawk did his/her regular swoop through.  Didn't get anything this time but I think it is one of the youngsters from this year so still honing it's skills.  They are regular visitors and it is not uncommon to find a pile of feathers - mainly the collared doves which suffer but the smaller birds sometimes too.

    I always find it quite weird when they are about - from lots of chattering and squabbling, a swoop and then a deathly silence.  Rather like watching an eclipse - as the sun gradually disappears, even us gabby humans seem to be silenced for a minute or two.

    pbff - brilliant seems too kind a word for my SOH but nice to know it brings a smile to your faceimage

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    Good luck then scroggin

    Whenever Pen Y Fan is clear, it's a diary-worthy event!

    Philippa - your SOH must be brilliant, or you wouldn't be part of the Snail Lover's Society.....image 

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  • Gigrin Farm in Mid Wales has a feeding centre. It's a magical place with hundreds of RKs flying about at the same time

  • In South Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire kites are very common.

    We see them daily and have seen a dozen or more at the same time.

    They spread from Stoke church originally I believe where they were successfully introduced.

  • I very well remember in the early eighties my father and I making the long journey to Wales from our home in Norfolk. It was a bird watching holiday with the goal of seeing Red kites which at that time numbered about 32 pairs.  During the whole week we saw one red kite.

    Jump forward to 2017 and As I drive through Norfolk I regularly see Red Kites and Common Buzzards and of course we have Peregrines, breeding on Norwich cathedral, often seen over Norwich.

    Vive la difference.

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