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My camellia leaves are yellow

Hi can anyone tell me why my camellia bush leaves are yellow?   My husband planted our newly purchased plant ( which was flowering when we bought it) in the back garden ( where he says the soil in our area is acid, we're in South Sheffield) in Summer 2016 and even though buds have formed it has never flowered since?

However he covered all the plants in the back garden with moonstone pebbles...I read in other people's queries regarding yellowing leaves, that it could be due to lime.... could that be the case here ? do moonstone pebbles contain lime?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,631

    It can be caused by lime in the soil of water that prevents acid loving plants taking up iron.  It can also be a shortage of magnesium.   There may well be calcium leaching from the stones which are from flint deposits found in chalk and limestone rock formations.

    For an immediate rescue, water the plant and its leaves with an application of Epsom salts diluted at the rate of 15ml of salts in 5 litres of water which must be rain water if your tap water is hard.   This will help with magnesium.  For the iron deficiency you can water with a sequestered or chelated iron solution which you can buy from garden centres and good DIY stores.  You may need to repeat the process a few times but don't drown the plant.

    For a long term solution I suggest you scrape off the stones as soon a spossible, gently fork in some ericaceous compost in a 5cm or more layer then water well and apply a mulch of chipped bark or granite stones.   Camellias form their flower buds from mid to late summer and must not be allowed to dry out or their buds will be dropped to save energy and moisture for the foliage.

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