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    I suspected you had females. I have found that my girl cats in the past were very diligent with the litter tray, but my two tom brothers are not.

    Maybe that would work for Matts theory. Just have girl cats...oh, wait..I see extinction on the horizon then. This is getting silly.

    Another option is to buy a big water gun from a pound store and gift it to the offended neighbour. Apart from that I have no idea.

    SW Scotland
  • Water guns work a treat, and are not harmful to the cat, they soon learn that they are doing something wrong.  We had one handy for the cat when he chased birds, he soon learned that this was not a nice thing to do. I am sure the cat will soon learn that pooing in your flower bed and a squirt of water will deter him from trying again.

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    Purplerain says:

    Kitty 2

    I always keep a clean tray for the cats. Who wouldn’t? They are left empty and clean for months at a time. If a cat chooses to use it, for instance if I have to be away overnight, then it will be changed on my return. The point is, they don’t want to use it otherwise.

    My original response was a simple suggestion along the lines of keeping a cat to keep other cats away. This might not suit every gardener obviously, but it is just my contribution to the OP.

    See original post

     Hi Purplerain.   My post about litter trays was just a general comment of my thoughts on the issue, and was in no way directed at you.  

    I was only trying to add to the discussion from my own experiences as a cat owner.  Unfortunately these cat poop threads are always a hotbed of heated debate ?.  I shall bow out now.

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    miceaugers, this is getting us nowhere and maybe we're talking at cross purposes here.

    I have already mentioned a number of times that you look to be a responsible owner.

    Maybe my posts are not aimed at you and you are just the sounding board for other, less responsible, cat owners.

    A quick Internet search and i can find sites that show how to train your cat to return to a litter tray so that is an impass.

    It is the case that cat ship is a problem that needs tackling in one way or another.

    Advice and suggestions to tackle this problem are needed and it is the case that cat owners have to provide the solutions. Expecting neighbours to spend time, effort and money is not really on.

    I have tried to show that, from a perspective of a person that does not own cat, it looks like cat owners don't give a ship about the neighbourhood or their neighbours.

    Cat owners don't seem to be prepared to take some basic steps to at least try and address this issue or actively, indeed, create the issue because the real issue is cats shipping in the neighbourhood.

    If you're not persuaded that this is a worthwhile cause then what can i say ?

    It goes without saying that not every cat owner is irresponsible.

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    matts, I completely agree it's a worthwhile cause. I've nowhere contested that, as you'll find if you re-read my posts.  All I've done is share very specific experiences - most recently concerning the impasse whether cats can be trained to always choose the litter box over the outdoors. Others weighed in saying it may depend on gender. Cats fouling in other people's gardens can be quite awful. My very first post suggested a possible way of coping with the fouling which lays the burden at the feet of the foulee (person whose garden is being fouled in). While I agree the cat's owner should bear that burden, we are currently not in a situation where this is always easily achieved unfortunately.

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    "While I agree the cat's owner should bear that burden, we are currently not in a situation where this is always easily achieved unfortunately."

    I guess this is the real sticking point.

    I assert that cat owners are not even trying and actively detraining and you assert there's nothing that can be done anyway.

    At least i understand the problem from a responsible cat owners point of view even if I'm not convinced by it.

    I'm also not convinced that most cat owners really care although i will admit to supposition with that one.

    I've had a really interesting dialogue with you all tonight but an impasse has been reached.

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    Thank you for your reply Purplerain image.  

    You are right, water guns are a very good deterrent?. Water spray works indoors too for furniture scratching imageimage.

    The cat debate will go on for infinity, sigh....

    The only winner is Hosta, who claimed a quid for every new one started on the forum. He must be minted by now image

    image BTW.. Kitty is short for Kathryn, I'm not some kind of crazy cat biddy image

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    Kitty 2 says:

    ... The cat debate will go on for infinity, sigh....

    The only winner is Hosta, who claimed a quid for every new one started on the forum. He must be minted by now image

     He certainly seems to get a lot of holidays out of it image

    “I am not lost, for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” Winnie the Pooh

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    "The cat debate will go on for infinity, sigh...."

    Depending on what you mean by "go on", this may or may not be the case.

    You see, if it is the case the case that cats habits cannot be changed then it really does look like cat owners are saying something along the lines of

    "I am going to buy an animal that i know has the potential to cause strife to my neighbours, i will expect them to clear up after my animal and if they want to dissuade my animal from causing problems in their garden then i will expect them to pay for that and i am aware of this before or while i am getting the cat".

    Unfortunately, it is very difficult not to interpret that as FU. It really does come across as something very selfish and incredibly irresponsible, especially if the cat owner is aware of the likelihood of the problem before they get the cat.

    As soon as hands are put up and and the admission given, "there's nothing that we can do" but a cat is acquired anyway, then debate is over. The message is basically i'm not breaking the law, you have no recourse and i will do this anyway and you will deal with the consequences.

    At that point the debate will not go on in the sense of moving forward, it will only spin.

    If cats habits can be changed then there is the possibility for movement, the debate can move forward, and it becomes a case that cat owners may not, possibly through lack of awareness or education on the matter, be doing all they can to stop their cat shipping in the neighbourhood.

    This is my position. I suspect there's more cat owners can do.

    If it is the case that a cat is acquired and the cat owner wasn't aware of the potential problems a cat can cause then education would look to be the key before the cat is acquired so the potential owner is made aware of likely consequences of owning a cat.

    If the cat is acquired anyway and if the assertion is "there's nothing to be done", then the debate is over and impasse.

    Similarly from the cat owners point of view the position looks to be,

    "It's only an animal, it gives me lots of pleasure and it's not too much trouble for you to clean up after".

    From a cat owners point of view, non cat owners must also look pretty selfish and heartless.

    Once again, impasse and the debate can only spin.

    If there is "nothing to be done", then this debate will, unfortunately, not go on in any meaningful way.

    It's good to see that there are responsible cat owners on this forum and i should reiterate, not all cat owners are irresponsible.

    An interesting debate to reach these conclusions.

    Hostafan1, if you're not already, you'll be a rich man indeed if the debate can only spin image

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