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  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,997

    PS  In my younger days my mother kept cats ; over the years one Bengal , two Burmese and two Siamese ; these were NEVER allowed out except in a large enclosure in the garden !

    I actually like cats , but there's no way these feral things should be allowed to roam the country ; speaking of which a newcomer across our road recently brought five (5) more to the neighbourhood .

    My days of birdfeeding are over ; did I have a choice ?.............No!!image

    They say you're supposed to get on with your neighbours ; that's a joke .

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,997

    Seriously though , the devastation to birdlife (especially in the Spring) must be horrific ; combine that with deaths by accidents with traffic etc. ; it's a wonder there are any birds left . image

  • micearguersmicearguers CambridgePosts: 605

    It is a given that cats eat way too many birds. My conscience is assuaged somewhat by the fact that in its 8 years our cat has caught about five birds (but many more mice). The past few weeks the bird feeders and the firethorn have been all a-flutter with tits of various sorts, starlings, blackbirds, thrushes, sparrows and all sorts, and all the while the cat has slept away the hours indoors. I'm reasonably sure it does not catch any during the night, as it tends to bring its catches indoors. Cats are a problem, but wildlife is under threat in so many more ways where great gains can be equally made, and a cat owner may make up for it in other ways. I try!

  • Lfin100 says:


    I have a cat which has recently started using my garden as its toilet, despite me shouting out of the window at it when I see it! I really want to stop this as I have a three year old who plays in the garden and we have started seeing large piles of excrement on the grass near her slide and toys. Also, the cats favourite place to use is the large border in my front garden, which next year I would like to turn into a veggie patch. So of course I want to break this habit as soon as I can!

    I have heard that some things like cayenne pepper or 'cat off' type products have mixed results, so I would like to know if anybody has any child friendly recommendations. 

    Many thanks in advance!


    See original post

     Just a random thought, have you seen the cat going on the lawn? It is quite uncommon for them to do so. Are you sure it isn't a fox?

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  • Hence why I said 'uncommon' not 'impossible'.

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  • mattsmatts Posts: 37

    So what's the story with these cats anyway ? Not being a cat owner I don't really understand what is going on.

    I always thought that the owners of kittens trained them to use kitty litter and a cat tray.

    Is it the case that after training their kittens not to ship in their house, when the cat reaches a certain age and is allowed outside the owners are not supplying a kitty tray ? Effectively detraining their cat from using a kitty tray that they supplied when the kitten was too small go leave the house ? requiring the cat to ship in any neighbourhood garden ?

    Whether their neighbours grow food or their kids play in the garden ?

    Is it the case that the cats owners are basically saying FU to the neighbourhood and then using fallacies such as "it's their nature" ? Last time i checked it was in my nature to ship but my parents were good enough to potty train me while i was a baby.

    Is that socially responsible of these cats owners if the above is the case ? Are they really responsible enough to actually own a cat ?

    Like i said, I'm not a cat owner so I'm not really understanding the reasoning.

    BTW: I can add another data point to cats shipping on lawns. It doesn't happening very often though

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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,261

    matts says:

    "Is it the case that the cats owners are basically saying FU to the neighbourhood and then using fallacies such as "it's their nature" ?"

    yup, that pretty much hits the nail on the head.

  • mattsmatts Posts: 37

    Blimey. That's unbelievably irresponsible and incredibility sad if that's the case Hostafan1.

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