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What to do with strawberry plants when they've finished fruiting / over winter?

Hi all

I've been reading about this and finding mixed opinions, so I thought I'd post here to get some more opinions and find a consensus :)

Some say strawberry plants can just be left to their own devices.  Others say you should just remove any dead, dying and diseased leaves.  Others still say to give the plants a massive haircut, taking them down to three inches above soil level.  

I've gone for the first of those but more because I have not got round to dealing with them!  What do others think I should do?  Pic below...

Many thanks






  • You've got a huge amount of strawberries there.  If you really want to be picky, take off the dead leaves and old flower stems and let them get on with it. It won't matter either way.

    You would normally have been looking for runners a couple of months ago to grow on for the coming year - might still be worth your while to have a poke around and see if you have any viable runners.

    Most strawbs are past their fruiting best after 2 or 3 years so you either grow on runners or buy new plants.

  • Thanks for the reply Philippa.  We do eat a lot of strawberries!  Well, a lot of berries in general actually :)  

    Getting out there to remove dead leaves etc. is no problem.  But aside form that you'd leave the healthy leaves alone and not give them a thorough haircut?  

    The plants were bought as plugs last spring.  They were grown in pots last year because the area was still being developed and prepared.  We do hope to grow new plants from runners but felt it would have been too soon this year.  Perhaps we'll aim to do that next year then.  

    As an aside, when we do do that is it ok to grow the new plants in the same area or is it best to practice crop rotation with strawberries?


  • B3B3 Posts: 15,473

    Strawberries grow like weeds through the cracks between the slabs on my patio.

    I do nothing to help or hinder them. They might be a particularly hardy variety. I don't know.

    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • Max - personally speaking I wouldn't bother removing anything other than obviously dead/diseased leaves. Leave the healthy leaves alone.

    Plugs last year means your Strawbs are only in their second year right now.  Look to getting some runners off them next summer which you can then grow on for 2019.

    I've never understood the "haircut" method but there is always a chance someone may yet provide a good reason for it.  

    Until then, leave well alone IMOimage

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