Lawn Mower shady garden (i.e. can gut to 3")

Hi, I have a small shady garden so it seems I should cut leaving around 3".  Started to look at lawnmowers reviews and there are lots under £150 which are recommended but the only ones that I can find that allow me to leave 3" seems to be a lot more expensive.  Can someone recommend a good mower that collects the cuttings and allows 3" to be left (or even 3.5").  Really good if it was under £150.  Preferably also not too big as we only have a small shed.


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    If the shade is from trees overhanging the lawn and preventing any sunlight getting in I would consider removing lower branches to raise the canopy and let in more light.    Then you can keep the cutting height to a more manageable 2".

    If the shade comes from buildings and there is light, but not direct sun, I would rake out any moss and thatch with a spring tined rake and then, in April, scatter new grass seed for shade in the bare patches.  Wolf make a range os tool heads to fit different length handles - space saving

    There are varieties such as the fescues which are better adapted to growing in shade but, if there is never any direct sun onto the lawn, I would consider getting rid of the lawn altogether as it is always going to struggle.

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  • I do get some direct sunlight, just not a lot. The problem is partly due to the large trees in the park behind the garden and partly due to the direction of the garden.  I did a lot of research and the very consistent advice was cut to 3" which is why I was looking for a mover that allows this.  Also, I need a new mower anyway, currently we are borrowing one from a neighbour.

  • looks like a good option.  not quite 3" but as I said the lawn does get some direct sun. 

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    I can't remember ever seeing a 3" high cut on domestic grass anywhere and nor have I ever met a man happy to leave his lawn at even 1" high (bowling green syndrome) so, given you get some sun, I would go for 2" if that increases your range of mower options.   You should find that's plenty long enough to feed a decent set of roots and keep the grass healthy.

    Our last garden had a large lawn which was partly in shade and also very wet in winter and that part of the grass grew very slowly anyway despite regular spring and autumn feeds and spiking to improve drainage and aeration.   

    The Vendée, France
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