Stawberry Offer

I recently took up the offer promoted by Gardeners World of 20 strawberry plants from D T Brown, paying only the postage.The offer was for 10 plants of "Elegance" and 10 of "Fenella". The Elegance plants all seem to be in good condition, and I am quite happy with those. However, the Fenella plants were all very wet and in the case of two, the crowns were totally rotten. The other eight are going to struggle at best. I was just wondering whether others had a similar experience or was I just unlucky?


  • Best thing would be to get straight on to the supplier and say why you are unhappy.

    DT Brown is usually a good supplier IME but ................

    Some of these "pay only postage" deals often fail to please for one reason or another.  

    Depends on what postage you paid as to whether you think you have had a reasonable deal for 10 plants and whether you take it further or chalk it down to experienceimage

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