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Poinsettia gift

So, I've never really been much of a green thumb, but want to get better and have some plant.  A co-worker gave me a poinsettia and now that I have it at home, one flower completely wilted in two days.  The rest of the plant seems to be very healthy.  The one that wilted is on a separate stem coming out of the soil.  The soil feels damp still, but not soggy.  Should I prune out the wilted flower and how?  Help!  I don't want to kill it in less than a week. 


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    I had one bought me 3 years ago and it’s doing well it’s now a tree, I’m waiting for flowers but all I did was water well until it dries out then water again. After my first flowers I cut it back and now it’s lovely. I’ve researched and there is feed for this Xmas plant.This is mine in picture.

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    I hate them so much when I won one in a raffle I handed it back to be drawn again.

    Puzzle, you're not going to get coloured bracts unless you subject to a very strict regime of light and dark, mainly achieved by professional growers.

  • Better get myself professional then and get this light, dark regime going. Have all faith in your advice, first flower and I will be in touch.

  • They need 12-14 hours of complete darkness a day for 2 months to get the bracts to turn red.

    see below

    AB Still learning

  • Now that makes sense, my mission is darkness from today Thankyou 

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