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Help growing hyacinth

Hello guys!

I bought this morning at the local supermarket this cute hyacinth in a vase which seems like it's in the process of blooming.

I'm really unfamilliar with the plant and there were no instructions coming with it. I tried to search a little the web but most of the information out there is about planting them in a garden which I don't have.

How do I take care of the plant? In what light/temperature should I put it? How should I water it? 

Thanks in advance! image



  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,061

    Your bulb is a natural water storage organ , so don't keep it too wet .

    Place in as bright a position as possible otherwise the combination of poor-light and artificial heating will encourage floppy weak growth . You say you havn't a garden ? Take Philippas advice and re-pot after flowering ; the leaves and expired flower stem will look pretty sad for a few weeks . Remove all of this when it starts yellowing , keep dry for a few weeks (still in a bright place) , then commence careful watering in the Spring . Hopefully it will have reverted to 'normal growth -mode' and flower next year . **

    If you are unfortunate enough to receive one of those 'forced' Amaryllis bulbs for Xmas , the same rules apply .Most people throw them away after flowering ; mine (all 12 of them) , have resumed 'normal growth-mode' and flower happily every May-June .

    **PS  You'll probably need to use a 'pea-stick' to support the flower-head , as they become very top-heavy .

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