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Help with a Flamingo Plant?

Ks18Ks18 Posts: 2

Hi! A few months back I got what I believe to be called a flamingo plant. Bright pink flowers that look a bit like lilies, wide, glossy green leaves and such. For awhile it did great! I kept it in the bedroom on a shelf, it had light but no direct sunshine and was watered when dry. While away and someone else was in charge of watering, water pooled at the bottom of the vase and I didn't notice. I only noticed when I began to notice leaves and flowers wilting and dropping off with just a slight breeze. I took it from the water soaked vase and let it dry out a bit in a warmer area (at this point there's only one flower and a few leaves left) the last remaining flower fell off on it's own, and the leaves continue to do so as well. (however they don't appear brown and wilted anymore) is there anything I can do to save this beautiful plant and help it grow back?

Thanks in advance for any help!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,440

    Is it an Anthurium? I think it is probably beyond saving, but keeping it damp over winter and then slowly starting to water in Spring may lead to a miraculous recovery. A lot of stuff does tend to die off at this time of year, although Anthuriums are tropical and so should be perennial growers.

     As you have found the fleshy roots of anthurium tend to rot when standing in water. It need to be damp but not standing in water.

  • Ks18Ks18 Posts: 2

    I think it is an Anthurium! I was really hoping for some kind of miraculous turn around, but hopefully like you said it may come back to life in summer 

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