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Medinilla Magnifica

Hi, I've recently moved into a new house and I've brought my medinilla with me. It used to be in a bright room but due to unpacking etc it's not had enough light or misting. I've now moved it into a bright location as it's winter and it's gets listed at least once a day. I water it when the pot feels light and the top feels dry. My leaves had started curling which I assume was due to poor lighting and not enough misting. However in between moving I've got these new shiny brown dots appearing all over and the baby growth I did have has died. The baby growth I assume died due to lack of light and misting but is there anything I can do about these spots or will my plants die. Few brown edges on leaves but I'm hoping this will be fixed now it's getting proper care Thanks!!

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  • imageimageimage this is it in its new location. It's only been there a week 

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    I've only ever seen one of these in Belgium in a moist greenhouse/conservatory where it was healthy and in flower.     This is a shrubby plant in the orchid family and comes form the tropics.  It needs moist air and warm temps and plenty of light but not direct, strong sunlight.   I suspect red spider mite is your problem and that's a result of it being too dry.  I would suggest a thorough shower to rinse off any dust and to clean the leaves.  

    I think that if you keep up the misting regime and water it every 7 to 10 days by dunking its pots in a bucket of cool, but not cold, water and then letting it drain before returning it to its place, it should recover.   

    The RHS offers this advice on red spider mite and suggest biological controls are the most effective treatment - 

    A well know London garden centre offers this advice on their care and cultivation - 

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  • I thought It was red spider mites but I couldn't find any of the tell tale signs of thin webs or any mites in the leaves. Hopefully with misting and it's new position it should recover. I've cleaned the leaves just in case. Thank you for your help!

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