What horsepower motor do I need please for ploughing stony ground ?


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    There's stony and there's stony ... how stony are you talking about? 

    How big are the stones?

    Is the soil sand and gravel or clay with flint and chalk?

    We need more information please ... and photos usually help too. 

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  • My veggie patch

    Topsoil seems a good mix of clay and sand, which seems reasonably easy to dig after rain but is understandably hard going when dry as it has not been dug for about 50 years.This extends down to a depth of approx 9 inches where it changes suddenly to a very hard packed mixture of flint, gravel and sand which requires energetic use of the pick and removal of half a barrow load of flints per furrow. The stones vary in size from half an inch to six inches in dia and all shapes.There is no evidence of chalk

    So, should I be satisfied with the good top 9" or should I dig deeper, remove stones and add plenty of compost , which I have in abundance ?

    How deep should the good soil be in a veggie patch ?

    How deep will the plough of a rotovator/plough go please ?


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  • Thank you.

    I had actually thought of that, but the large patch is already higher than the surrounding land and I do not want to make it higher.

    Isn't 9" depth enough for most vegetables ? I am of course aware that if I grow some of the deeper rooted veggies such as runner beans I shall need to go deeper, with plenty of compost,

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    That sounds a bit like part of my area, I get down about 7" and then hit an old building that has been pulled down and the rubble buried. I've grown in the last three years runner beans, garlic, strawberries, sweetcorn and squash there, they all do fine and do not seem bothered in the slightest by the hardpan underneath. This year I got some carrots a little too far up my veg garden and they ended up on this, the biggest ones went down that 7" and then turned sideways! So in my experience it's fine for pretty much everything.

    We use a 5.5hp rotovator it goes 8" I think, I've seen ones advertised that can do 12" but they are huge things normally diesel and 15+ HP I've never hit any stones with mine not larger than 1" or so so cannot say how it would do.

  • Thank you Skandi, most helpful.

    I have just bought a Kubota rotavator/ plough,which seems a bit of a beast so I hope it will do the job.

  • Does anyone have a spare  instruction manual etc for a Kubota LP 360 rotovator/plough please

  • ColinAColinA Posts: 212

    Try contacting Kubota direct 

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