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Aloe vera - will it overwinter?

I have had an aloe vera plant for some time, and it had grown very big and falling to one side in the pot, so in the summer I put it outside. Clearing up in the garden I discovered it behind the greenhouse and despite a few heavy frosts it is still alive. I planted up the 'babies' it had grown in pots for inside the house, and put the big plant in the greenhouse (unheated), with insulation round it, and I wonder if it will survive the winter? I hope the smaller plants will grow ok inside because they did have some roots. What do people think?


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 7,080

    It will cope with fairly cold weather but not with cold and wet and not with hard frosts or snow. It's a desert plant, so cold nights are normal, but ice in it's 'veins' will break those fleshy leaves down. And also if it gets wet, the rain sits in the centre of the plant, and if that then freezes, it breaks the plant's membranes down and it just goes to black mush. 

    My Mum overwintered hers outside in Cornwall - so frosts were brief and not hard - by putting it under a bench to keep the rain off. I don't know where you are but unless you're in Cornwall or an island off the south coast, I wouldn't risk it outside. Mine stays in an unheated, sunny room for the winter where it doesn't go below freezing. I should think there's every chance it will be ok in your greenhouse - just don't be tempted to water it.

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    I overwinter mine outside in a kind of utility room on the side of the house. There's no heating so gets pretty cold and on a shelf up high so it gets some light but it's sheltered/covered so never gets the rain or frost and it seems very happy.

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