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Recommendations for a living fence

Hello everyone,

I am looking for recommendations for shrubs and plants to grow up and disguise a 3ft high fence. They would need to be fairly hardy because although the garden is south facing, that part of it is mostly in shade in winter due to high trees at the bottom of the garden.

I like lots of colour - was thinking rhododendron, but they may grow too big?

There is a gate in the fence which I intend to frame with an arch so also looking for recommendations of what I could grow up the arch?

Thank you all!


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Lots of colour?  Be aware that if you plant any species such as rhododendron they will only be in flower for a short time in the year.  If you really want lots of colour you will have to plant a mixture of species, but you are lucky the fence is low so choose things you like.  Roses, philodelphus, Camellia, honysuckle, etc, etc.

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    What type of soil do you have there? You mention  Rhododendrons. Do you have neutral to acidic soil? There are plenty of evergreen shrubs that provide flowers during the summer months. Escallonias and Ceanothus will do well in general soil. If you have a more sheltered area, you should look into Leptospermum Scoparium. If you have heavier soil, Abelia Grandiflora.

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  • I have a Choisya ternata in substantial shade in front of a fence, with a Leycesteria formosa next to it growing through it and reaching for light. It's a good combination in summer, but the Choisya is also valuable in winter as it is evergreen. Garrya elliptica is beautiful and grows in shade. There are also climbers - the same fence has a Parthenocissus quinquefolia that works quite well. Climbing Hydrangea could work. Are you looking for evergreen plants? What sort of size do you envision the shrubs to attain?

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