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Good afternoon all.

I am hoping somebody can explain the difference ,if there is one , between rambling and climbing roses .

I have a fence that I would like to cover with a rose . The fence measures approx. 30ft x 6ft and gets morning/early afternoon sun . Can anyone recommend a particular climber / rambler , open to all colour suggestions but would prefer with good fragrance .

Thanks in anticipation of some help .


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    Generally speaking, ramblers are more vigourous and have more flexible stems - good for pergolas, pilllars, ropes - and clusters of smaller blooms which flower just  once in a season on new wood made the previous season so, unless you want the hips, you prune out old wood after flowering and train in new wood as horizontally as possible to encourage new flower buds.   However, there are now repeat flowering ramblers available.  Have a look here - but also check out Harkness and Peter Beale roses.    Once flowering varieties like Kiftsgate, Wedding Day and Ramblin Rector will grow large enough to cover your area with one plant.  Others, including the repeaters, will probably only grow half that size.

    Climbers have more rigid stems which lend themselves to being trained along walls and fences and trellises.  More modern varieties are likely to repeat flower and many have very good perfume and there is a wider range of flower colour availabe.   Something else to consider when choosing is the aspect.  Some roses do really well on north or east facing walls but others need the warmth and sun available on south and west facing supports.  Have a look at Generous Gardener which is a pale, peachy pink flower or Teasing Georgia which is a rich, golden yellow - both have good perfume.  Malvern Hills is a good, clear yellow repeat rambler and I am trying lady of the Lake which is a soft pink.

    Climbers have a different pruning regime from ramblers.   Check out the RHS advice - and

    Then decide which colours you fancy, whether you want to buy just one plant or several to cover your fencel and also think about how to support your rose(s).   I would suggest tensioning wires stretched horizontally across your wall at 12 to 18" height intervals using vine eye screws available form good DIYs and some garden centres.

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    We use tension wires , easily the most successful way to grow

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