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Positioning Peach Tree

Hello forum,

I have a "spare" (long story) Peregrine peach tree. It's about 3 years old I think, about 4ft tall, doing ok in a large pot on the patio and already cropping. Think it's on a St Julian A rootstock. However I don't have much room left on my patio so as the tree grows it might be a bit awkward.

I live in central London. In an ideal world I would probably train it against my garden wall as a fan, but I don't have any space left.

I could leave it on the patio but I'm not sure how well it'll do there - it's below garden level and could be a frost pocket which makes me worry a bit (ie damaging blossom in early spring). Having said that, frosts aren't common here and the patio is quite the sun trap in the summer.

There's a nice sunny spot right in the middle of my lawn. Could I plant it there & grow as a large bush? I don't think I'd try this if I lived in Scotland but might it be ok in inner London? Said sunny spot is currently occupied by a pear tree but it's old, not very productive, and I don't like pears much!

Thank you,



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,706

    You can, but if it was against a wall you could erect a cover easily to stop peach leaf curl. Out in the open it will get it for sure.

  • Thank you. Hmmm...had forgotten about peach leaf curl. IIRC you can get copper type stuff to treat it with but I seem to remember reading that it's not all that effective.

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