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Slightly overgrown onto front path..

Hello everyone, i have a spirea although not sure which one...this the leaves are generally more golden than green...I think its one of the ones that I would normally cut back very hard in Spring.  Would it be ok to do this now or should I just shorten stems by half and then full haircut in spring.  I don't want to lose it but I can see it is growing a little too much across the front pedestrian path of the main road.

Also have a thicket of Hazel that keeps growing every year.  I cannot dig it out unfortunately and it is half way in our garden and half way on the street side - Again I'm pretty sure in March I would usually sheer this to the ground also but can I do this now or am I better doing half now to tidy and then the fully monty in spring?  Many thanks 


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    The hazel is a prime candidate for winter coppicing so you can cut back every stem now while it is dormant.   I would cut the spiraea back by half so that the remaining shoots protect the centre from any hard frosts and then, i spring, when the worst frosts are over you can cut the rest back or just take half the stems back to their base as you prefer.

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    Possibly you are describing Spirea Golden Flame which is a deciduous shrub that grows about 2 foot high by 3 foot wide. Normally the leaves go a gold and red colour in Autumn before they fall. If it is that Spirea then do not cut it back untill new growth appears is spring then cut back all old growth to ground level 

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    Obviously, you can trim it back from over your path but I would not cut it right back until spring when new growth appears. The upper growth protects the plant from frost 

  • Thankyou everyone for your good advice.  (I did post a reply on Sunday from my phone but I can see it hasn't uploaded properly - pleased I checked again!

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