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Black Friday offers

Can anyone tell me if it is worth buying perennials at this time of year for the offers available or is it best to wait till spring. I have space to overwinter if needed.


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 7,080

    Most woody plants - trees, bigger shrubs, fruit bushes - do well planted now (as long as the ground isn't actually frozen). They can also be 'healed in' - put into the ground temporarily - then transplanted when the weather improves or if you need to clear some space first.

    Most herbaceous plants - ones that disappear underground in winter - are probably better kept in pots and given some shelter from the worst of the wet and the winds in winter. Big ones can be planted out now, but the size you normally get if you buy them retail would be too small, as a rule.

    So if you have a place to put them, and somewhere to keep things in pots, then go for it. You may get a real bargain. I have bought lots of plants at this time of year from garden centres selling off overgrown stock they don't want to have to look after. I bring them home, pot them on or heal them into spaces in the raised veg beds, then sort them all out during my March clear out/weed/mulch of the borders. I lose maybe one in ten, but if you're getting them cheaply enough, it can be worth the chance. 

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  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    If you mean this sort of thing, they are fine but some people don’t realise that they will arrive with nothing to be seen, then they report the company as rubbish saying the plants were all dead on arrival. So as long as you already know this, they are good bargains, just tease out the roots, pot into next size pots, keep in the GH, cold frame or conservatory and in the Spring they will start to shoot out.  They’ve usually got a good root system on them.

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  • Thats great thank you. Yes I am prepared that there won’t be much to see. Just checking if there was any reason not to buy them this late in the year. Perfect, I’ll put them all in  My greenhouse since they are all hardy (from crocus) along with my  20 bare root strawberries I’ve just potted up !! 

  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783

    Do people really spend over two hundred pounds on shears?

    Well, they’re on sale here:

    Whats with a “Japanese” planting knife?  Are they better than fork and trowel?

  • .

    More than a word of caution, I would not order bare root plants from Parkers, especially at this time of year!

    I bought echinaceas and quite a few others some years ago, in the spring time, every single one was dead as were the replacements, a blind man or woman could have seen that, but they were sent out none the less.

    It took a long time to get MOST of my money back, they refunded me in three tranches, in the end I put it down to experience and forgot the rest of the money!

    If anyone mentions T & M or Parkers for plants at our gardening club the old ladies almost have a seizure, from past experiences!

    Their bulbs are ok though!

    And please no one posting saying that they had a wonderful experience with them and that they don't work for them as has happened when I have posted in the past!


  • I bought some Crocus bulbs and a bare root Contorted Hazel.  Every single bulb has germinated and the hazel has green catkins on it and a tiny amount of green leaf still hanging on.  I can't vouch for any one else's experience but I would use them again.  I still prefer a trip to the garden centre and I really don't feel any need to sell my experience to make people shop there.  As long as you don't shop at Amazon we can be friends!

  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    My experiences with J. Parker’s have always been excellen. When I first inherited this three quarter acre garden I had to start from scratch, bought  Parker’s plugs  potted on grown on, planted out and a couple of years later split and have a garden full, well pleased and all for pennies.

    got several shrubs, some huge amelanchier trees, lovely Deutzias all 1.99 each, vanilla fraise Hydrangea, lots,  all huge and doing well after four years. 

    You have to speak as you find and for that money I found them to be very good. 

    Always buy their bulbs, usually their offers as it all has to be done on the cheap now here.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • ErashaErasha Posts: 52

    I've had a trip to B&Q today and found some beautifully growing plants on clearance, so I couldn't help myself and bought a couple of sedum, a couple of christmas Hellebores and a large azalea. Would I be alright to plant these into the ground next weekend? I'm in Milton Keynes and forecast doesn't look bad, but not sure if I should just pot them up for the Winter and plant out in early Spring - any advice appreciated

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