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Bare root peonies

Hi, I've just received 3 bare root peonies and am at a bit of a loss! Should I plant them out in the garden now or pot them up and wait until the Spring. Also, one of them has a huge bud but the other two have no buds at all so how do I know which way is up? Does it even matter? Any advice would be gratefully received. image


  • Bright starBright star Posts: 1,152

    Hi Emma49, are they herbaceous or tree peonies?. I have herbaceous ones that were planted last year. They shouldn’t be planted too deeply the shoots/eyes are only just under the surface. There are a couple of websites that have good info on planting and care of peonies. Kelways have info for both tree and herbaceous peonies, Sarah Raven also has very good planting instructions. They should be ok to plant now as long as it’s a sunny spot, not waterlogged and not frosty.

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  • Hi Bright Star, thanks for the website pointers. After such a wet autumn here I decided not to risk it and have put them in pots to await the arrival of Spring. image

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