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HELP! My Petra Croton is dying :/

Hi! I just recently got a petra croton for my new house, (I had a plant one time before and it died - I have the blackest thumb). But i decided that I would change that and I have a few other plants that are doing great! 

Unfortunately I was not able to find any information on the Petra Croton that was consistent, and made the mistake to have it in a pot in my house with pebbles. Then I read that the pebbles don't work and I should get a planter with a hole and saucer. So I moved her. She never did well, my house does not get a lot of sun. She has about 3 leaves left now and I just found information under Codiaeum Petra (not sure why I didn't look at that before -sigh- but anyway), it said she should be planted in soil outside and get about 7hrs of unfiltered sunlight. I would really like to save her, she was beautiful when I got her and its breaking my heart. Should I move her outside once again? I live in area 9, Los Angeles, and lately it's been pretty hot with today hitting 98. 

Any help is appreciated!


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