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Hedges in trouble


Hi, I live near Los Angeles area and my question is about Privet hedges that I have grown for past 20 years near my house. Since last year, some plants stopped branching off. Stems got naked and eventually whole plant died and i ended up replacing several of them. I dug up around the roots and no abnormal signs that I could see. Attached pictures show this condition happening on another side opposite to where I lost several plants. Anything I can do to save them please? Thank you in advance!


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    This forum is based in the UK with a few European offshoots and one or two down under.   This means we don't know your climate or soil or particular pests and diseases.

    The only thing I would suggest is to make sure your hedge is not thirsty and maybe give it a foliar spray feed of liquid seaweed or maybe some Epsom salts (15ml dissolved in 5 litres of water) in case it has mineral deficiencies.   Once watered, you could also try mulching with some well-rotted compost or manure to lock in moisture and feed the soil micro-organisms that are beneficial to plant root health.

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  • I didn't know that it's based in UK.  Thank you for your input anyway. 


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