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Over wintering Banana trees

This is my first year of growing banana. They are all very healthy and have grown really well but I’d like to keep them in my green house over winter which is lined with bubble wrap and I’ve bought a heater, I’ve read that 5c is best ?

I’ve watched a few YouTube videos on how to lift them and dry them after chopping the tops off even Monty had a how to video but I’d like to keep them with a couple of leaves to start with bigger plants next yea, any tips or advice?


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,120

    10 C would be an optimum minimum temperature ; 5 C might be pushing it a bit . just keep moisture to a trace throughout the winter months .

    A lined greenhouse can get pretty warm even on a sunny winters day , and you don't want them growing in low light conditions . This can result in poor and weakened growth .

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