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Price of turf

I have been looking for a price for 30m2 of turf on the Internet and have been surprised at the price going as high as £170.  Could anyone suggest a supplier in the Oxfordshire that is not so ambitious.

Failing that what about using seed and what sort of success can one expect?


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    Hi BML, when we built a new bungalow we were quoted £2500 to turf the small back garden and the larger front garden. We simply could not afford that. So off i went to Homebase, bought  £100 of Johnsons lawn seed. I raked the areas over, got rid of the rubble, sprinkled it on and raked it in, here are the results on the back lawn, actually looks much better now, and front garden looks great too. Not bad for £100 ? I

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    philippa smith2

    Your right, seed is a fraction of the cost of turf but what worries me is looking at a front garden that's all soil for several months.


    I envy you the experience of actually building your own place but at 81 I would take a very long time. The grass looks good.

  • I assume those online quote include a delivery charge? Typical costs are £2-3 per m2 plus delivery. If a roll weighs 10kg you've a chance of getting 30m2 in your car if there's space and you have some tarp. Bear in mind a roll isn't usually 1m2, it's usually 3 rolls per 2m2 or similar. 

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    It’s too late for sowing grass seed this year. Sowing seed, as has been stated, is much cheaper and a year or so later you won’t be able to tell much difference between sown and turfed. You will need to wait until March for sowing but laying turf can be done at any time soil conditions are favourable and not when it’s frosty or if frost is forecast.

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    Based in Sussex, I garden to encourage as many birds to my garden as possible.

    This will provide you an idea of costs

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