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Top soil getting wet

Hi I have about 2 tonnes of top soil in large builders sacks Ive had for about a month it is covered up but it was very wet when I put in bags.I won't to use this for raised beds is it still ok to use as it cost me a lot of money what do you suggest I mix with it to aerate it and dry it out a bit.I also have 2 large bags of Irish peat compost can I incorporate this into it in some way.Thank you in advance for any help.


  • If you are ready with your raised bed frames then fill them as soon as you can even if it's a bit wet it will soon drain. Mix the compost in well as you do it. Then cover each bed with something like landscape fabric & allow to settle over winter & they will be ready for spring sowing/planting with just a light tickle of the surface.

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  • Don't worry about wet topsoil!!! Just use it normally as and when you're ready.

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